Upgrade your bike's suspension performance, without breaking the bank!


NEW to Australia is the tried and tested N10Z cone valve suspension.


Comprising of shock and fork kit's to suit most makes and models of off road dirt bike manufacturers.


Whether MX, ENDURO, HARD Enduro or trail riding. When you need comfort, traction and bang for buck.....You need N10Z!!!

N10Z Xplor pro kit
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The N10Z kits are available for all common enduro, cross country and motocross bikes.

  • N10Z- Dynamic Valve Shock Adjuster common enduro, XC and motocross bikes

  • eXplor Fork Dynamic Valve left side only enduro ,XC (WP, Sherco, Beta)

  • eXplor HydroStop- System enduro XC (WP)

  • eXplor Fork Kit PRO enduro XC (WP, Beta)

  • N10Z- Cone Mid Valve enduro MX froks (WP/KYB/SHOWA)

  • N10Z Dynamic Compression Valve for Xact/AER48 forks enduro, MX (WP)




The N10Z – Dynamic Valve System

The patent pending N10Z system reacts with the ole flow and pressure therefore, when you need a stiffer or softer damping force the Dynamic Valve System remote automatically, dynamically governs the compression valve.

The result much better traction and improved bottom out resistance with a great selectivity on your suspension.

N10Z- Cone- Mid Valve System

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 4.39.16 pm.png

The N10Z- Cone Mid Valve kit‘s upgrade WP,KYB, SHOWA forks and can be set up for enduro or motocross use. The N10Z Cone Mid Valves offer a much better ole flow (than the common shim stack designs). Plus of the N10Z Cone Mid Valve design is it still has a flow with in the mid valve, therefore its much plusher then the regular cone design, with only one stiff spring in there! And has no rebound blow by.

It’s basic set up is very versatile and it’s setup accounting to our r & d data (pre set up to the customers bike/weight etc.) with the N10Z sliding plate design and different cones in the mid valve.

  • soft = Trail/HardEnduro

  • medium = Enduro/CrossCounty

  • hard = Motocross


N10Z- Dynamic Valve Shock Adjuster

for WP, Kayaba, SHOWA, Sachs ZE Beta

The N10Z- Dynamic Shock Adjuster high-Speed damping is done dynamic remote during the ride Dynamic Valve System. Therefore you always have the ideal damping counterforce in any riding situation! Much better traction for a safer and fast ride is the result.

The bike is soft and comfortable over braking bumps, roots and rocks etc. but stable and planted on jumps , g-out and fast sections of the track.

The N10Z system works with all common shims set up and can be used and is all rider specific set up versions (endure, cross country, motocross light rider and heavy riders fast / slow ...etc ) get more comfort, traction, stability and riding safety with „The thinking technology“.

Screen Shot 2021-04-18 at 4.48.03 pm.png

N10Z- eXplor Dynamic Valve

for all WP Xplor Fork and Sachs ZE Beta from 2019

The N10Z- eXplor Dynamic Valve left side only is a cost efficient easy to install amazing good upgrade for all WP Xplor and Sachs ZE ( Beta ) forks.

The forks gain much more stability and bottom out resistance with any loss of its plush feel.

The patent pent Dynamic Valve System adapted automatic to any riding situation.

n10z-explor-pro kit_002.jpg

eXplor Fork Kit PRO

for WP Xplor and Sachs ZE (Beta)

The N10Z- eXplor Fork Kit PRO converts the Xpor forks and the Sachs ZE into open cartridge forks with.

The kit includes:
2x N10Z- Cone Mid Valve and rebound adjustment on both side, top of the fork legs and 2x compressions adjustments on the bottom.

You get a very plush forks with great stability and very good bottom out resistance due to the eXplor HydroStop - System and perfect rebound control.

eXplor HydroStop- System

eXplor HydroStop- System

The N10Z- HydroStop- System will boost the damping progression to all open cartridge / WP
Xplor forks.

The forks gain massive bottom out resistance on high speed enduro tracks and jumps as well, as in motocross use. You can keep your super plush enduro fork set up and still be safe with a great bottom out


The N10Z- HydroStop- Sytem is included in the N10Z- eXplor Fork Kit PRO to ensure a perfect set up for all enduro needs.


With the „Dynamic Valve System“ for Xact/Aer forks will convent your AER forks will make the forks feel like conventional Closed Cartridge spring forks plush and smooth in rough sections with any hard spot in the middle of the stroke ...without any less bottom out resistance.

Better traction stability comfort and safety.

The patent pending „Dynamic Valve System“ adapted automatic to any riding situation.

N10Z Dynamic Compression Valve

for WP Xact/AER48 forks motocross , crosscountry, enduro


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